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Christian Louboutin celebrated 20th anniversary in fashion with a of new pair sandals for the ladies. The new 20th Anniversary Neuron 120 suede cage sandals is studded with stunning crystals allowing for a glimpse of glamour. The crystals are embellished on a silver leather button which to some extent likens it to a military look.The cage design suede is black and elastic. Finally the sandals are fitted with Louboutin’s signature red sole. For the ladies who thrive on heels, you will be glad to know it is all of 5″. The Neuron 120 suede cage sandals retails for $3,995.

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Don’t Expect Great Christian Louboutin Replica Shoes!

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The reason why we don’t talk that much about Cristian Louboutin replica shoes here is that they are rarely good. And most of the replica Christian Louboutin reviews I received so far just proved my point. Review Review

This is the second review you can find on the blog and even though theseChristian Louboutin replica shoes look better than the other pair, I’m still not impressed.

Here is the email my friend sent me and below you can find the photos:

Dear Eva, attached are a few photos of the Lousy Bee So Kate Rouge Noir. Well the shoe looks much better than expected but still with a few flaws. The heel looks as if it’s about to fall off. There’s a connector line in the inside of each shoe that looks too apparent. The stitching on top of the shoe is not smooth or seamless,ugh too sloppy and a bit uneven. This can be worn in the dark or during the day with pants or you will be sure to notice all flaws. Purchased from
Thanks ~D.

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Side View

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Side View

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Crooked Heel

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Crooked Heel

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Stitching

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Stitching

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Red Sole

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Red Sole

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Insole

Christian Louboutin Replica So Kate Insole is a site that only sells Christian Louboutin, so you would expect them to be experts in replicating Louboutin shoes. But this is not the case because their Christian Louboutin replica shoes are not superior in any way.

What I really don’t like about this site is that they don’t show photos of their own products. They only use photos that are taken from official sites and to me that reason is good enough not buy from them. The wise thing to do would be to see real photos of the Christian Louboutin replica shoes so that you know what to expect. Experience has taught me that taking a gamble with replicas usually leads to disappointment, so that’s a risk I’m not willing to take anymore.

D. has already pointed out some of the flaws these So Kate Christian Louboutin replica shoes have. Even from the photos it’s obvious that the heels are not stable at all! But what I don’t understand is why you would want to keep a pair of shoes you are ashamed to wear in the daylight! If I love a pair of shoes I want everyone to see them, not to hide them with pants!

I noticed that the tip is not pointy enough and the color of the patent leather looks brighter than the original Rouge Noir (maybe that’s just from the light). Also, the red sole doesn’t have a glossy finish to it (fake red soles usually have a matte looking finish to them, so no surprise there) and the stamping on the sole is not deep and clear enough.

I’m still waiting to see an amazing pair of Christian Louboutin replica shoes but until then I’m going to stick to replica purses from sites I know I can trust. Still, if you really want to buy a pair of replica shoes, I just hope that you will read these Christian Louboutin replica reviews in time!

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The next time you go to a supermarket, think about your look’s glamor quotient. Because, apparently aisle cruising trends are changing! Ever since Monsieur Louboutin took it upon himself anyway, and designed a shopping trolley for Louis Vuitton’s “The Icon and Iconoclasts” range.

Unless you’ve been following our updates, it might be surprising to find Christian Louboutin lend his studded swank to LV merch. But much like the other five iconoclasts who were brought on board for the project, he has his DNA all over his offerings. The bag comes bearing rounded Toron handles and red calf-hair back panel, studs on the front pocket, on the House trunk-inspired golden brass corners, and with a stunning metal Siamoise ornament.


Inside is natural cowhide lining and plenty of room, along with a red-calf and Monogram Lace clutch, to stash the change perhaps? “A classic bag, the most Parisian bag so that you can be super glamorous. You don’t have to feel like a loser with your leeks inside your bag.” said Christian Louboutin. Even with that, we don’t see ourselves carrying much grocery in it. Because the leather luggage tag may read LV but the price tag does, $23,000!

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Kick up the wilder side in you with the brand new addition in the studded shoes range from Christian Louboutin. The Akhalil 70 biker boots will definitely stir up compliments and reactions with its distinctive and most wanted silver studded black suede and leather embellishments. The heel measures approximately 70mm/ 2 inches, and has the signature red leather sole. This pull on is styled with buckle-fastening tabs, and a round toe for comfort and class. 

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